• Family One (One Senior parent and their Junior children) – £130
  • Family Two (Two Senior parents and their Junior children) – £240
  • Senior Annual (Members 18 and over on 1st April 2018 and not in Tertiary or Higher Education) – £120
  • Senior Monthly (Members 18 and over on 1st April 2018 and not in Tertiary or Higher Education) – £15 per month
  • Summer Subscription (Members playing between 1st April and 31st Oct 2018 only) – £95
  • Student (Members 16 and over living at home with a parent and in full time tertiary higher education) – £60
  • Junior Subscription (Members still in Junior/Secondary education (up to Year 11)) – £40
  • Junior Associate (Members still at Junior school whose Parent/ Guardian is a full Senior member) – Free
  • Country (Members living more than 15 miles from Hartlepool) – £60 Parent/Guardian (Parent/Guardian of Junior member) – £20 (+key deposit)
  • Club Key Deposit – £10 (one off non-refundable), £20 for monthly members (£10 of which is refundable).
  • Senior visitors pay £3 per visit (maximum of 3 paid visits). Junior visitors pay £1.50.

*Parent/Guardian membership allows a parent or guardian to accompany their child to the Club, allowing them to have further access to the courts outside of organised sessions. For insurance purposes children under the age of 16 cannot attend the club without a parent or guardian.

There is a £1 charge per child per session for junior development on Fridays and Saturdays.

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